ARBOS – Our commitment

Arbos works every day to ensure that it meet its commitments:

  • Traceability of origin
  • Forest harvesting practice that is part of a rational and sustainable management of timber resources
  • Obligations associated with customer satisfaction

Subscriber to PEFC

PEFC engagements

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) is an international non-governmental organisation which aims to promote rational and sustainable management of “timber” resources throughout the world.

This certification guarantees that production is part of the sustainable development of forests.  PEFC site

ISPM15 certification

ARBOPAL, Certifié NIMP15

The International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures no. 15 (ISPM15) on the regulations for wood-based packing materials aims to reduce the spread of harmful organisms through the movement of those materials by requiring that they are heat-treated (of fumigated with methyl bromide) resulting in marking on the packing. This certification, subject to regular strict controls, ensures that your export shipments comply fully. ISPM15 web site

CE marking

This marking certifies the suitability of the products for structural construction uses. CE marking web site

Member of BOISLIM

BOISLIM is the professional association for the forestry/timber sector in Limousin bringing together the various parties involved from forestry, transformation and the use of timber as a material.

Member of SEFSIL

SEFSIL is the Association of Forestry Operators and Sawmills in LimousinSEFSIL web site

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