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Argil, the specialist in forestry harvesting in Limousin. We offer assistance to our customers in their approach and offer them support.

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  • ARGIL - Billes de bois

Valuing your forestry asset

To define the future forest management strategy for your forestry asset, its value should be determined by conducting a census of your stands. Argil can carry out this operation for you and make an estimate of splits by quality and quantity. From this information, corresponding values are established by taking into consideration the operating constraints that it will be necessary to work with.

Producing simple management plans

Depending on the size and/or situation of your forestry heritage, you may be required to produce a number of administrative documents. Argil can produce a simple management plan which is the memorandum document necessary to support your forestry asset, ensure continuity of management and provide a record of experience.


Selecting trees for the future is the primary operation in the development of any area of forest. In this connection, Argil is able to mark which saplings should be removed to meet the objectives in the simple management plan.

Monitoring operations sites

Following the taking of any decision to harvest, Argil can assist you with regular monitoring of forestry sites.

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