Argil – Our desire: to become your partner

You own a forest and you want to sell your timber as part of managing your asset. This operation is an essential part of the life of every forest owner. To do it properly, get assistance from a recognised professional: Argil, the specialist in forestry harvesting in Limousin.

  • ARGIL achats - Negoce de bois
  • ARGIL achats - Billes de bois
  • ARGIL achats - Decoupe de bois
  • ARGIL achats - Stockage de bois
  • ARGIL - Achat de bois
  • ARGIL - Recolte de bois
  • ARGIL - Billes de bois
  • ARGIL - Transport de bois

In accordance with your wishes and the cultivation needs of your forest asset, we can buy all types of:

  • Structural timber
  • Industrial timber
  • Timber for fuel
  • Wooded areas

Your desired selling method

The method of sale for each lot can be decided on two bases:

  • who is responsible for harvesting the wood (the buyer in the case of the sale of standing timber or the seller in the case of felled timber)
  • the procedure for fixing the selling price (en bloc or per unit of product)

The selling period decided on by you

In the case of the sale of standing timber, the lots are sold prior to felling. The buyer becomes the owner of the timber upon signature of the contract binding the two parties.
In the case of the sale of felled timber, the owner organises the harvesting of the products that he/she wishes to sell and then offers them to buyers in the form of lots usually comprising logs or whole trunks.

The financial scheduling that you choose

According to the selling method that you choose, we can offer you:

  • For sale en bloc, a fixed price is agreed jointly for the entire lot.
  • For sale with a unit price per product, different prices adjusted according to product categories, the size and/or quality of timber agreed upon signature of the contract of sale. At the end of the operation, the total price is then calculated according to the actual volume arrived at per quality at a joint inspection by the parties, prior to removal.

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