ARGIL – Our commitment

Arbos strives to meet its commitments on a daily basis:

  • Traceability of origin
  • Forest harvesting practice that is part of a rational and sustainable management of timber resources
  • Compliance with obligations associated with maintaining forest roads

Subscriber to PEFC

PEFC engagements

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) is an international non-governmental organisation which aims to promote the rational and sustainable management of “timber” resources throughout the world.

This certification guarantees that production is subject to the sustainable development of forests.  PEFC web site

Signatory to Transbois Limousin

Transbois Limousin for the sustainable management of timber usage. Transbois web site

Signatory to Référentiel Qualité Logistique (RQL)

Transport companies and their customers undertake to establish jointly and clearly in writing the commercial conditions applying to transport services. Référentiel Qualité Logistique ( PDF format – 42 kB)

Member of BOISLIM

This association worked originally in the Massif Central for three years, before becoming the professional association for the forestry/timber industry in Limousin in February 2006.

Member of SEFSIL

SEFSIL is the Association of Forestry Operators and Sawmills in Limousin. SEFSIL web site
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