Argil – Our speciality: Maintenance work on your forestry asset

Argil has the skill and experience to successfully carry out all maintenance operations necessary for the development of forest stands.

  • ARGIL - Decoupe de bois
  • ARGIL - Stockage de bois
  • ARGIL - Billes de bois
  • ARGIL - Transport de bois
  • ARGIL - Achat de bois
  • ARGIL - entretien Recolte de bois
  • ARGIL - Negoce de bois
  • ARGIL - Billes de bois


Saddling is the action of selecting future trees known as “tillers”, in order to promote their optimum growth by removing saplings in their way and more often than not carrying out thinning operations.


Thinning is the operation of selecting and removing a number of trees in a young, over-dense stand, in order to promote the development of the remaining trees.


Pruning reduces the development of branches with a view to achieving quality products.


Re-wooding is done to restore and/or create wooded areas and/or forests that were felled by clear cutting or destroyed accidentally.

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